“Enjoy the Walk, Explore the City”
Rediscover Nostalgic Hong Kong and Human Touch

The annual flagship event Bank of China Group Investment Limited Presents: Lok Sin Tong Charity Walk 2023 will be held virtually with the theme of “Enjoy the Walk, Explore the City”. The public is encouraged to explore the check-in attractions and nostalgic elements in every part of Hong Kong. They could check out the interesting historical stories in the neighbourhoods and relieve the stress brought by daily life.

Funds raised will be used for whole-person development and support services for the youths. We encourage the public to set foot on your nostalgic journeys with the youths. During the journey, they can relieve the stress brought by family, schools and friends. Let’s rediscover the regain childhood memories with human touches and pass on warmth and happiness to those in need.

To raise funds for the all-round development and support services for the youths, including on-campus guidance services, leadership training and life planning education. Encourage the promotion of diversified learning activities for the youths to develop their full potential in building a meaningful life and nurture their positive values and attitudes.

Youths, refers to teenagers aged 10 to 19, from primary four to secondary six students. At this stage, youths face various difficulties and stress from all aspects. For example, academic and family problems, and confusion towards the future. As a result, they are inevitably suffering from mental health problems due to puberty and its effects.

To cope with this situation, it is extremely important to provide early support services to the youths. Youths can develop their full potential in building a meaningful life via the diversified learning activities in the event. Meanwhile enhance their leadership, resilience and social skills and educate them to prepare themselves for life planning. For example, a comprehensive guidance service can relieve the stress of youths, and strengthen the support from family and schools.

Common causes of stress for youths, including:

Even though the growth of youths is filled with difficulties and stress from different aspects, they can still prepare for their future in building a meaningful life and nurturing their positive values and attitudes by accumulating various experiences and diversified learning activities.

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